Seurasaari Foundation

Supporting ethnological research and publishing and studying Finnish folk art

The purpose of The Seurasaari Foundation is to support Seurasaari Open-Air Museum by means of supporting ethnological research and publishing, studying Finnish folk art and making it more widely known, organizing folklore performances and presentations on the Finnish popular culture, developing other folklore activities suitable for the Seurasaari Island area and maintaining collections and organizing exhibitions.

Our foundation is a member of the Association of Finnish Foundations, and we follow the code of conduct Best Practice for Foundations.

Upcoming events in Seurasaari

  • 18.8.2022 - 21.8.2022

    Seurasaari Soi! Folk music in Seurasaari

    In August the Seurasaari Island is filled with music and singing. Come and experience the magic of music in this...
  • 27.8.2022

    Folk dance at Antti Event Grounds

    Folk dance group Tanhu-Visa performs at Antti Event Grounds. The group appreciates the joy in dancing, individual performance and group...
  • 26.12.2022

    Sleigh ride on Stephen´s Day

    In the Festival Grounds adults and children will be able to enjoy sleigh ride (if weather permits, limit -15 degrees)...