18.8.2022 - 21.8.2022 at 0:00

In August the Seurasaari Island is filled with music and singing. Come and experience the magic of music in this unique setting! Concerts in the museum buildings are included in the price of the museum ticket, free admission to other events.

THURSDAY 18.8.2022 at 6 pm In the forest of the Festival Ground, Tuulenvääntäjä: Hetken kaiku -concert

The Event is a part of the Night of the Arts. Night of the Arts website helsinkifestival.fi/taiteidenyo

FRIDAY 19.8.2022 at 2 pm Pertinotša, Lahukka: Folk music from North Karelia

SATURDAY 20.8.2022

at 3 pm The Festival Ground, Estonia´s re-independence day picnic and singing together

at 6 pm Barbecue place at the Festival Ground, Folk music and evening party (if weather permits)

SUNDAY 21.8.2022

at 12 noon Iisalmi Parsonage, Eppel & Peppel: Ihmepyörä -Storytelling and music for the whole family

at 3 pm Halla house, Emmi Kuittinen: Surun synty -concert